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Body care during pregnancy is very important. If you are going to be a mom, you should already know how essential it is to take care of yourself during this special stage, since your epidermis is going to need extra attention, and you will have to keep an eye on issues such as feeding, weight and hydration of your skin. It’s easy to stay in shape by taking into account some tips we told you about, keep reading!

How to take care of yourself during pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, many changes take place inside you that have an effect on your outside. Your metabolism is different, because you have to feed another little person, so you will be hungrier. Hormones also change, causing effects on your body and your mood, sometimes affecting your sensitivity.

The appearance of stretch marks, laxity, cellulite, skin spots or increased acne is usually normal during this period. Avoiding this is complicated, but there are remedies to reduce certain symptoms and still look spectacular.

You’ll see that once your pregnancy is over, by following the advice below, your skin won’t be so affected by the typical changes of pregnancy.

Tips to improve your care

You’re probably already aware of a series of cares to maintain your figure and your skin once the pregnancy is over. So that you don’t suffer major changes in your appearance, you should pamper yourself during the nine months. It’s not worth taking care of yourself at the last minute, since due to the increase in size, your skin will stretch.

On the other hand, nutrition is very important. Hormonal changes and keeping your baby implies a considerable increase in appetite. For that reason, you should avoid anything harmful to both of you. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits, eating proteins, legumes and fish properly three or four times a week will favour your muscle fibre against flaccidity, which usually occurs with a diet rich in fat.

Hydration is fundamental, but not only inside, but also outside. Stretch marks tend to appear in most pregnant women, due to the breakdown of collagen fibers. Hydration is essential to combat them, as it creates a more elastic skin. Therefore, start by drinking two liters of water daily, in addition to applying creams in the most vulnerable areas, such as the belly, breasts or thighs.

Moving is essential. Take short walks to reactivate circulation, thus avoiding a sedentary life and the appearance of cellulite. Avoid standing for long periods of time and, in the same way, get up for a while if you have been sitting for many hours. To avoid accumulating too much liquid in your legs, keep them up when you are resting.

Besides, exercising will be essential for you. Set goals, at least walking an hour a day, since it will help you stay in shape and regulate your sugar. If you do some other exercise to complement it, even better.

One of the biggest problems during pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks. Some products that are suitable for this will help you prevent them, since they are produced by stretching the skin. Likewise, after giving birth you must continue with the care, since the body does not remain the same after the pregnancy and you must help it recover with some extra care.