Become a Fashion Expert

First and foremost, learn about the history of fashion. There is no point in not knowing why your clothes look the way they do or how fashion changed over time. Coco Chanel changed the way women dressed so it’s worth watching the movie that chronicles her life.

Stay on top of trends. If you don’t keep up with trends, you’ll be ignorant of your fashion peers. Read Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, or Elle to find out what’s going on. The important thing is to know which trends are working and which are not. For example, tight pants can make you look better while loose pants are just plain ugly. It’s important to set trends but you also have to respect Anna Wintour’s words.

Learn the ‘fashion vocabulary’. You have to research it since after all, you must know what you’re talking about. Don’t go overboard with words that no one has ever heard of. Look up fashion vocabulary on the Internet or learn from another expert. Make sure you use the words right.

Make an outfit that looks and feels great. Use colors and patterns that match. Make sure the clothes you buy fit you well. Clothes should not be too tight or too loose. Also, make sure you feel good wearing them. Don’t buy them if they are itchy or uncomfortable to wear. You should also be sure to trust yourself when wearing them. If a garment meets all of these requirements, then buy it.

Create your own fashion journal. Cut out clothes or styles you like and paste them into a fashion journal. Write about a couple of your favorite outfits and say how you feel about wearing them. Draw outfits for people of different sizes and shapes so you know what goes well with each body type.

Add accessories. From beads to earrings to hoops and bracelets. You can add color and life to any outfit with accessories. Just make sure they match and don’t get in the way.

Look in your own closet first. A person doesn’t know what they really have until they take a good look in their own closet. You may have outfits that you can totally revive for the sake of fashion. A good tailor is key in this situation to fit the garments so you can use them in the new style you’re trying to define. Maybe what you’re looking for is right under your nose.

Invest in the classics. It’s important to splurge on the basics because if you’re going to wear something all the time, it better be good quality and fit you well. A cashmere jacket, a long coat, a pearl necklace, a pair of pants, and a little dress will see you through from season to season, year after year. You can always find something very similar for less money, but it might tear or itch or even be uncomfortable. Visit Temu review roundup on Sitejabber where you will find lots of useful information about fashion.

Wear a totally different outfit than anyone else would wear. Mix patterns and colors or try tights and a long blouse. Make sure people want to follow the trend no matter what, just don’t force them.

You must build a reputation as a trendsetter. Shop at designer stores even if you don’t have that much money, there has to be something you can afford (for example a pair of gloves or a pair of glasses). You must be a devoted customer of these small boutiques and you will become known for your style.